Dec 11, 2011

Friends.... look like diz...


Mood : is doing to write something about " a good friend" given by Mr.Johan and must be send in next week.. aigooo,  for a long time , i rarely to write something la except in my blog.. 
but, i like this topic..before that, blogging i will continue my homework..
(tiba2 pulak TERspeaking dalam entry kali ni..biasa la kan, ..mintak puji sikit..)

If you really want to know who is a good friend then just look back to the time when you were in difficult moments. The one who was there to console you is definitely the one who is your true friend. A good friend never fails to see the right in you and will always take a little courage to correct the wrong in you. A good friend will help you in all your times of trouble and will never say ‘no’, if the time and situation demand it.

 friends are everything...

oke la..

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