Feb 7, 2013

Too bored to do nothing. Too lazy to do anything...

hurm, actually aku geram. pasaipa?  adalah.hm

when i need someone to talk, but,you not here.I really want to be with you right now. so many of  stories I want to tell you. but, its hard for me.  You know what I miss the most? I miss the old of you. hm, did you know that behind my smile have a story that you will never understand..NEVER OKE ! im always feeling alone. Even when me surrounded by people. just like wanting something that I can't have. i really2 like to  talk to someone but refuse to text them first. i want u to know, just bear in ur mind that i always miss and care for u. thats all.

# someone stops talking to you for no apparent reason. Feeling like you're being annoying to the person you want to talk to.

******* Kawan aku kata,kalau mau melepaskan marah, dalam BM tak best.. lebih baik meluahkan dalam english.. aku punya BI ni bukan ok sangat pun, tapi..... kbai

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